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How to Give Great Gifts: Part 1 - Pre-Planning

January 21, 2016 6:54pm
Make a listMake a list

We all have people in our lives that we care deeply about. With these people we want to be able to express how we feel about them during special occasions (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays) by giving them gifts.

Choosing the perfect gift can be a struggle, and even when you have the best of intentions, sometimes life seems to get in the way. This is why it is important to have a gift strategy, and that is what we will give you in this series of blog posts. In this first one, we focus on what can be done before it is the last second, planning and even pre-buying.

The first thing that you should do is plan out the people in your life that you want to give gifts to (parents, siblings, close friends, significant other). Make a list and write it down. I prefer to make my list digital so that it is easy to update later but it is fine to do this on paper also (I like to use OneNote or EverNote). Next, go ahead and write down all of the special dates for each person where you would give them a gift (birthday, anniversary, etc). Once you have done this, you have one place that you can go to where you can see when special dates are coming up. Check this list every so often. This way you will know ahead of time when a date is coming up and you won't have to rush gifts.

Now that you have your list, the next part is picking out just the right gifts for the special people on it. Some people are notoriously hard to get gifts for, they don't tell you what they want, and they seem to have everything. With some planning though, you can also figure out something great to get for them. On your list, write down the interests and lifestyle of each of the people. This will help you when you are going to find a gift.

Another thing that you can do to understand better what someone would like or need as a gift is to spend some time with them. When they say something like "Wouldn't it be nice to have …", "Aren't those … a great idea", or "I am tired of this old …", they are giving you a hint to what could make a wonderful gift for them. Make a note of it under their name on your list. Also, if you spend some time with someone in their workshop, or house, or kitchen you might notice some things that they don't have that would make their time there even better.

Keep these ideas, and you will be more prepared when it is time to buy a gift again. Check back soon for part 2.